[90fm Trivia] Oh my, it's right around the corner

Jim Oliva theoz at dwave.net
Wed Mar 21 19:06:47 CDT 2018

Trivia players far and wide,


Trivia 2018: The Trivia Rush of 49 is just around the corner. In fact, it's
only a couple days over 3 weeks off. Holy moly, Eck and I better start
writing soon!


I have a couple reminders to everyone. Registration begins at the 90FM
studios on Monday April 9th at 3pm, running until 7 that evening.
Registration will be each day through Thursday, same times each day. Then on
Friday registration is from noon until just before 6.


The Trivia Parade will begin at 4pm on Friday April 13th, the route is
posted at http://90fmtrivia.org/parade.html now you may not be able to be in
the parade, but it's definitely worth going to watch.


Teams that are playing from out of town and want to register, please go to
http://90fmtrivia.org/online.html to find out all the important information,
including the online registration form. Remember, I need your info to me
before April 6th in order to get your copy of The New Trivia Times before
the contest begins.


And now, the final piece of information, the pre-order site is now active.
Here is the link https://trivia.braingia.org/49er/

When you get to the site, don't worry about the security, we will not be
asking for credit card information. This is strictly a pre-order site to
reserve your cool Trivia clothing and gear.


Just so there is no confusion, the registration this year is $40 per team.
I'm hoping that we can count on all the teams who have played in the past to
register again and give us another great year of Trivia. A great year of
food, fun, friends, singing and dancing and all in all having a great time.
It's getting close everyone, it's just about the time to get together and
play Trivia, Fast Eddie..



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