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Jim Oliva theoz at dwave.net
Wed Nov 22 19:44:02 CST 2017

Hi everyone,


We all wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This is the final mailer for Radiothon
and in order to see the pictures, please use Internet Explorer. For some
reason, the links aren't working in Chrome. Radiothon 2017 is going to be on
December 2nd and 3rd. That is a week from this Saturday and Sunday. The
flyer is located at www.90fmtrivia.org/Radiothon 2017.pdf
<http://www.90fmtrivia.org/Radiothon%202017.pdf> . Not every item is
pictured, but as they are made, the links will be added. Also, on the
seekend of Radiothon, we will be streaming a live video. Please watch the
Trivia website, www.90fmtrivia.org <http://www.90fmtrivia.org>  to find the
link. There is an amazing collection of goodies. We will also be adding more
goodies. And, on Saturday morning at 11, we'll be announcing the theme of
Trivia 49. On Sunday morning at 11, the artist for this year's Tribute day
will be announced. In the past we have featured, Prince, CSNY, and Lou Reed.
It's going to be a good one this year as well. So, what I'm saying is, it's
going to be a great weekend. And it all kicks off at 9 o'clock Saturday
morning. Please forward this email to all team members and anyone else you
think might be interested.


As I said in the last mailer, 90FM has never just asked for pledge money,
but has depended on Radiothon and Trivia to help the station. We get your
money but you get something in return. It just seems like a great way to do
it. This year we are asking those who might have not won to make a
contribution. I've been asked about this and told that it makes good sense
to put this out there. If you want to just contribute to 90FM, you can do so
at the following link, it is secure and is at the Community Foundation of
Central Wisconsin. Here is the link:

_id=&grant_id> &funit_id=1074&event_date_id=&grant_id=


Thank you for your support of 90FM, the best darned radio station in the




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