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Trivia 46:  guardians of the contest


Can you believe that the best weekend of the year is just 9 days away? Well,
fire up, plan your teams and get registered beginning on Monday, April 13th
from 3 until 7. Registration continues all week, through Thursday from 3
until 7 and Friday from Noon until about 6pm. That is the start of the
contest. Registration is held at the 90FM studios during those times. Come
to the Communications Arts Center, under the "Trivia Headquarters" sign.
That's us. Merchandise will be available all week and during the contest,
Saturday and Sunday from 10am until around 7 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday.


Trivia kickoff movie is Friday and Saturday, April 10 and 11. It's at the
Rogers Mega screen on Church Street in Stevens Point. It's still $3.00 at
the door. Can you beat that for a great movie? There will be a midnight
showing both nights and a 10:30 show on Saturday morning as well. The
Saturday morning show has been getting a larger attendance each year. Just


Okay, I've been climbing walls looking forward to this contest since the
theme popped into my head. I'm lucky to still be doing this crazy thing.
John and I both look forward to this every year. It's one of the best things
that we can think of doing with our weekends for 3 and a half months. So,
get together, gather around the radio and crank it up to 11. Start listening
at 9am on April 17th for the Trivia Warmup, 9 hours of the greatest music
ever. If you make it through that 9 hours and don't have your blood on a
full boil, better get your system checked. If you've been feeling down, like
your life is just drudge, well, shed that and become a kid for a weekend,
time for Trivia. Time for the songs, the questions, the food, the
mispronounced words, the total chaos, running questions, stone clues, music
snippets, more questions, more questions and more questions. Are you ready
for it? Are you ready to get out of the day to day and just let it all go
for 1 weekend that will make you feel 16 again? Well it's time and I mean it
when I say, let's play Trivia, Fast Eddie....




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