[90fm Trivia] Not much time left

Jim Oliva theoz at dwave.net
Fri Mar 29 07:34:11 CDT 2013

Get up and get going! Three weeks left before Trivia 44: "That's Not All
Folks". Are you ready to rock the Point for a weekend? All the merchandise
is up on the website and we are now accepting preorders and will until 7am,
April 14th, a little more than 2 weeks from now. Merchandise can be
pre-ordered at the following link:

Registration begins on Monday April 15th at 3pm and continues until 7.
Registration continues the rest of that week, 3 to 7 Tuesday through
Thursday and Friday, noon until 6. Get your registration form here:

And if you can't make it to Point for the weekend, but have a bunch of
Trivia hungry friends that want to play with you, wherever you are, you can
register online right now at this link, http://www.90fmtrivia.org/online.htm
. The deadline for registering on line, your letter must be postmarked by
April 8th. I will let you know when I receive it by sending you an email.

And, I understand there is a parade. Well, get ready for the best parade to
ever hit these here parts. Check out the route
http://www.90fmtrivia.org/parade.htm and show up to watch your fellow Trivia
Players enjoying the spring weather. There is a chance that you can get some
great candy and who knows what sitting on the sidelines, but even more fun
is being in the parade. Get your team floats ready and get them registered
the week of registration.

What is wrong with me, I almost forgot to mention the Trivia Kickoff Movie.
It will be at the Rogers Cinema Mega Screen, that's not really the name, I
like to call it that. Movie times, midnight Friday and Saturday April 12 and
13 and 10:30am Saturday April 13. Admission is $3.00 and you will love this
classic movie. And, of course, there might just be a cartoon or 2!

I'm so excited, I'm just about jumping out of my skin, and we wouldn't want
that to happen, leaving all this wrinkly old skin lying around.  Bad
visual???? Anyway, it's been a long winter and time to welcome spring with
the best Trivia contest that 90FM has to offer. Pass this along to all your
team members because it's almost time to play Trivia, Fast Eddie.......


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