[90fm Trivia] Final notice

Jim Oliva theoz at dwave.net
Fri Sep 17 07:12:25 CDT 2010

Hey all,


Today is the final day for getting your Trivia registration mailed it, well,
Otis informed me to let it go until Monday, mostly because he figures I'll
stay up late and register the teams anyway. So, I will. But Monday September
20 is the last day of postmark to get the registration in for Trivia
Unplugged 2010. A good time is planned for all. John and I have completed
the questions, we hope you like them. It's going to be an absolute blast.
Remember it's Trivia the old school way, off the top of your head, so the
questions are more to that nature. Those of you who were there last year
sent back a resounding "yep" when asked if it was good. Well, it's going to
be even better. So get the registration in, save yourself $20 by registering
in advance and not the day of the contest. That is September 25th from 3
until 9. That's right 6 hours of good times..


Thank you


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