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Jim Oliva theoz at dwave.net
Wed Sep 8 07:06:07 CDT 2010

Hi everyone,


I hope that your Labor Day weekend was as enjoyable as mine. This is a
reminder to all out there that Trivia Unplugged is on September 25 at the
Ramada Inn, Stevens Point. The 6 hour contest begins at 3:00 and runs until
9. Registration is $160 per team in advance, postmark deadline for advance
registration is September 17th,  so don't put it off another day.
Registration the day of the event is $180 per team.


Teams can be as large as you like, but only 10 players will be seated at the
table. When you arrive on the day of the competition, go to the registration
table to check-in / register between 1:00 and  2:30 pm. Again parking is in
the parking lot on the south side of the center. Of course, if you want to
tail gate before that, feel free. That enhances the joy of seeing other
Trivia players before the contest.  Please make checks payable to the Arts
Alliance of Portage County. 


Please print out the attached registration form, fill it out and return it
with the registration fee to the following address:  

Trivia Unplugged 

Arts Alliance of Portage County 

P.O Box 565 

Stevens Point, WI  54481-0565


If you want to play but can't get enough of their regular players together
for the six hour contest. Well, what about combining teams? If you are
interested in playing, but can't command enough players, go to the Trivia
Forum and start searching for players. Go to the Trivia website,
www.90fmtrivia.org and follow the link to the forum. Oz has created a thread
just for searching for players, it's under "general banter/looking for
players for September trivia".


The doors to the Convention Center will open at 1pm.    Enter the South
entrance of the Convention Center. There is plenty of parking in the South
lot. Teams need to check in at the south entrance and pick up their packet
and team badges.  Teams that have not pre-registered may also register at
this time, if there are any openings left.  Registration /check-in must be
completed by 2:30 pm. Again, you may bring as many team members as you wish.


For those of you who played last year, we have made a couple of changes
besides the length of the contest. The observation room has been moved to a
different room and we are occupying the entire Convention Center room. Oh
yeah! And we'll be spread out. Again, there is a limit on the number of
teams, last year we had 31. I'm hoping we get at least that many this year.
It was so much fun being in the same room with all of you. John and I had a
great time. There will be 2 bars set up in the room, so you will not need to
leave the room to get refreshments.


And remember no books, no notes, no pens, no pencils, no paper, no cell
phones, no electronic devices of any type. My advice is leave your phone in
the car. If the phone in your pocket rings, not only will you be
embarrassed, but your team will also be disqualified.  Also, there are no
books allowed, no paper, no pens and no pencils. Pencils and paper will be


Each question will last for the length of one song. When one song is over,
answer sheets will be collected, the answer will be announced and the next
question will be asked and so on. There will be a break at the end of each
hour. During the break, the team ranking will be announced. At the end of
the contest there will be a final rundown of the teams.  Trophies will be
awarded at that time.  There will be a mixer for about an hour afterwards.


If you are coming from out of town, welcome back. You may want to consider
the convenience of staying at the Ramada Inn which is offering us a
discounted room rate.   When making reservations, be sure to mention Trivia
Unplugged to get the special rate which is $75 per night (plus taxes).   For
reservations call: (715)-341-1340.  The Ramada Inn (the former Holiday Inn)
is kitty corner from Sentry World HQ.  It has an indoor pool, a recreation
center, a restaurant and bar.  What more do you need, hey?  The Ramada Inn
is a generous sponsor of Trivia Unplugged. 


>From the Arts Alliance.

Trivia Unplugged is a fund raising event for the Arts Alliance of Portage
County.  The Arts Alliance is an arts advocate and is a 501(c) 3 non-profit
organization.  We understand that healthy communities are ones in which the
arts play an important role and make vital contributions.   By way of the
arts, our goal is to promote a civic environment in which residents take
pride, where a skilled workforce and young families and are enthusiastically
engaged and where children are encouraged to develop skills and confidence
through self discovery.  This work is accomplished through working
relationships with elected officials, arts organizations, schools, artists
and citizen groups.  For more information about the Arts Alliance of Portage
County, visit www.artsportagecounty.org  


Well, that's it. I hope to see all of you on the 25th. Take care,


Trivially yours,

Jim Oliva(Oz)


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